How to remove Shortcut virus:
                   Many of us or very familiar with this virus, it creates shortcut files on the name of the folders and sub-folders. Anti-virus won’t detect this type of virus. Virus makers are very clever as they write a simple executable code which will use all the system resources.
                 Manually we have to remove this type of virus.
Step by Step Procedure to remove Shortcut virus:
·         Copy the below script to NOTEPAD, and save the file as TOOL.bat in the the local drives.

attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf
del autorun.inf
md autorun.inf
attrib +s +h +r autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r RECYCLER
attrib +s +h +r RECYCLER
cacls /P autorun.inf everyone:N
cacls /P RECYCLER everyone:N

·         Double click the .bat file, and it will remove the virus files in all the local drives and will create RECYCLER file and autorun.inf folder. As the original virus files are of the same name, by creating a dummy file and folder the virus script cannot create virus generating folders.
·         Finally go the below path and type dir/ah
D:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming>  dir/ah
              It will show you hidden attribute files, if u suspect any .exe unkown file then use the below scripting to remove the file

1)      If you find and unwanted file in roaming  folder then use the below script by saving it as a .bat file and paste it in the  in the below path
 attrib -s -h -r FILENAME
attrib +s +h +r FILENAME

2)      If you find and unwanted file in roaming file then use the below script by saving it as a .bat file and paste it in the  below path:
 attrib -s -h -r FOLDERNAME
attrib +s +h +r  FOLDERNAME

        If still u find the unwanted files or folders in the above path, login in the safe mode and run the above script according to the above steps.
Finally, the root for the virus will be removed by following the above steps, but the shortcut files which are already created will not be removed.
To recover the hidden data using the below script
Use the above command for displaying the hidden files in u r pen drive or storage drive.
D:\>attrib -s -h -r filename
Enter the hidden file names u want to recovery