How to avoid pregnancy with out any medicine:

            Now a days many new couples get confused about how to avoid pregnancy, here is the simply and natural technic which you can avoid pregnency.

Before to know the tip, we have to understand a few things,

                                                     Menstrual Cycle     

Scientific Def:

             The menstrual cycle is the scientific term for the physiological changes that can occur in fertile women for the purposes of sexual reproduction and fertilization.

Simple Def:
   Below is the brief explation of the entire process
·         For an average women menstrual cycle period is 28 days.
·         During the middle of the cycle, in between 11 to 15 days matured egg is ready for fertilization
·         If the egg is fertilized then the woman becomes pregnant
                           During unprotected sexual  relation between male and female, male sperm and the matured egg will merge and women gets pregnant.
·         If the egg is not fertilized menstrual discharge occurs,
Then how to avoid pregnancy:        

First find the average period of menstrual cycle. Here is a simple calculation.

  • Consider a period of 6 months
  • Note the maximum menstrual cycle days  Ex: 45 days
  • Note the minimum menstrual cycle days   Ex: 28 days
  • Now the below is the formula to calculate ovulation period
                         egg fertilization days is in between   (Minimum days-18)  to (maximum days-12)  

                                      i.e          =   (30-18) to (45-12)
                                                   =    12 to 33 days

Finally, New couple can avoid pregnancy by a protected sexual relation in these days.